Horses we have known

Somewhere in time's own space
There must be some sweet pastured place
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some paradise where horses go,
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again.
~Stanley Harrison

Toby was born here at the ranch, from a young paint mare that was privately rescued. He was diagnosed with narcolepsy and cataplexy at age of 6 weeks. That meant he could not control his muscles or stay awake with moderately active, such as trotting. He was initially successfully treated through the UC Davis veterinary hospital but within 2 months showed additional neurological symptoms stemming from a spinal malformation. He continued to worsened and he was euthanized at 5 months of age. In his short life Toby provided valuable information to the UC Berkley and Stanford pediatric neurologists on the treatments.
Toby was the sweetest little guy.... dearly missed and he lives on in our hearts.


Our young mare Mya delivered a male foal only days after arrival. Despite all efforts he passes on his 5th day of life.

| October 29th - Novemeber 3rd 2009