Calling all volunteers

We need your help!! from grooming, and taking photos to working with the website we need your time and your skills!

Lone Oak Rescue is a small rescue runs by a handful of dedicated horse lovers. We are run solely by volunteers and always welcome helping hands. You do not need to have experience, just a willingness to learn and the desire to help.

Many ask what a volunteer does. Well If you have ever owned a horse, you know that there is so much more involved besides the riding. Caring for a horse requires a lot of time and effort, and here at the rescue we have many horses and so our tasks too are many. Most of our volunteer time is spent caring for the horses and general maintenance of the rescue. This may include cleaning barns, corrals and other areas, or maintenance and repair of items and associated with their care. We do have some of our experienced volunteers help with direct horse care and exercise, this is determined on experience and ability of the individual and the horses available. Although none of the horses we accept are dangerous, many times rescue horses have trust or behavior issues so are simply not candidates for the volunteers to work with. Although you may not ride, you will be around the horses and can assist in their care and observe any riding or training exercises.

Running a rescue is not one big job, it's a whole lot of little jobs, and each of those add up to the success of our rescue. Please become a volunteer and help us help the horses.

Not ready for hands on? Sponsor a horse!

Ongoing monthly sponsorships enable us to continue doing what we do, help horses! Please consider a $175 monthly tax deductible contribution.

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